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Super-Safe Fin-Tube Radiation is Safe, Rugged and People-Resistant

Shaw-Perkins 12 gauge Crownline fin tube radiation sets the industry standard when architects and engineers need to specify strong, durable, people-resistant heating radiation. Since it’s introduction more than 30 years ago, uses for Crownline have expanded to take all types of institutional, public housing, commercial and industrial applications – wherever people-resistant heating products are needed.

Shaw-Perkins’ reputation and dedication to manufacturing the highest quality and strongest heating radiation are known by professional architects and engineers throughout the United States.

From the narrow top, which offers the smallest possible shelf on which to stand, through the heavy 12 gauge steel enclosure, our design aim has been strength and security with high performance.

Shaw-Perkins’ uncompromising emphasis on quality, translated into strength and performance, results in our offering a single class of quality – the very best. 12 gauge fin tube enclosures are 40% heavier than any other products commercially available.

Since 1904 Shaw-Perkins has been providing durable radiation for comfortable, efficient heating. Commercial, industrial and institutional installations, made decades back and still functioning satisfactorily, attest to the permanence and dependability of the product.

The need for people-resistant strength is of greater importance today; strength which also assures long-lasting, maintenance-free radiation. Shaw-Perkins offers Crownline fin-tube radiation, a series designed to withstand normal or deliberate destruction.

Design Features

The Crownline Enclosure

  • 12 gauge steel partially perforated or fully perforated – 1/8” ø holes
  • Inaccessible to debris, contraband, narcotics, weapons
  • Tamper-proof – all visible fasteners are tamper-proof type
  • Low Surface Temperature – minimizes possibility of accidental or intentional burns
  • Slope- top design – smallest possible shelf on which to stand


  • End caps, splice plates, closure panels, corner panels, etc.
  • 14 gauge solid steel construction
  • All overlap the 12 gauge enclosure
  • Secured with tamper-proof screws and weld nuts
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Shaw-Perkins’ Crownline is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment. Products returned to the factory will have to be sent freight prepaid by the purchaser, with prior permission. If found defective, it will be repaired or replaced F.O.B. the factory. Under no conditions shall the company be held liable for damages or repair costs for equipment that has been altered or repaired, subject to misuse, negligence, or operating conditions in excess of those stated in Shaw-Perkins’ catalogs.


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