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Model I Institutional Radiators

Shaw-Perkins, the leader in security and long-life institutional radiation, saw the importance of proper room-heat distribution in corrective institutions and mental hospitals. Model I was designed over 40 years ago to meet these particular needs; in fact, Model I goes far beyond any other heating radiation product offered by the industry for the institutional market.

The Shaw Model I sets the standards that corrective institution and mental hospitals use to gauge quality. The demands set by institutions for unusual strength, durability, ease of maintenance, and insured safety of each room occupant against accidental or self-inflicted injuries, are available only with the Shaw Model I Radiator.

The knowledge obtained from numerous prisons and mental hospitals presently using Model I, plus the continued explicit stipulations set forth by institution administrators, architects and specifying engineers, attests to the validity of the superior design and strength of the Model I Radiator.

Because of the nature of the prisoners typically housed in maximum security facilities, special consideration must be given to the quality and durability of the fittings and fixtures installed in the cell areas. Shaw-Perkins’ Model I Radiators are the only radiators that are designed specifically for high security prison use.

Rate of Obsolescence
Shaw-Perkins has been manufacturing Model I for over 50 years and will continue to manufacture the Model I as the highest quality heating product available in the industry.

Ease of Maintenance
There are no moving parts on Model I. Model I offers 1/2” fin spacing. This keeps dirt and dust from building up and affecting BTU output. Maintenance of valves is easier because only the small pipe cover has to be removed to obtain access.

Availability of Service
Shaw-Perkins has been in business for over 100 years and has standardized our design for the last 40 years. If necessary, parts or units could be replaced in a short time.

Shaw-Perkins has a proven track record of Model I installations for over 40 years in major prison and mental institutions.

Piping Arrangements
A variety of arrangements are available and include built-in air vent chambers and built-in supply and return lines. (See piping drawings beginning on page 14.)

Lengths and Heights
Lengths and heights suit every engineering need. Heights range from 11” to 26” in 3” increments. Lengths range from 11” to 111” in 2” increments.

Low Surface Temperatures
Perforated steel sections provide an increased flow of convected air, resulting in reduced surface temperatures, safe to the touch. The possibility of deliberate burning is reduced, even when radiators are operating at top temperatures. The need for special system zoning is eliminated.

Product Warranty
Shaw-Perkins warrants the Model I to be free of manufacturers’ defects, due to faulty material or defects in workmanship, for a period of 10 years from date of installation. This warranty applies to the replacement of parts or radiator. No other manufacturer offers this type or length of warranty.

Engineering design offers distinct advantages

  1. Die-Formed Section
    Shaw-Perkins Model I Radiator is a series of individual, die-formed box sections stacked on 1” O.D. copper serpentine tubing. Each section measures 2” wide x 3” deep, and is available in heights corresponding to Model I heights. Each box section has 3 steel fins running the entire length and width of the box section, giving the Model I Radiator steel reinforcement every 1/2” of live radiator, to form a structurally strong, unitized radiator that resists all institutional abuse.
  2. Copper Tubing
    The copper tubing is expanded at 3750 psi hydraulic pressure against fins and box sections to make a permanent bond for heat transfer from copper to fins. The expansion also locks all fins, copper and box sections into one unitized radiator. Once the unit is expanded, the enclosure, fins and copper tubing cannot be removed or damaged by abuse.
  3. Low Surface Temperature
    Perforated steel sections provide an increased flow of convected air, resulting in reduced surface temperatures, safe to the touch. In addition to reducing the possibility of deliberate burning, the need for special system zoning is eliminated.
  4. Mounting
    Model I mounting uses 3/16” carbon steel bars permanently welded to the radiator, giving the Model I more strength. Because of the unitized construction, the radiator is mounted as a complete unit.
  5. Painting
    Shaw-Perkins’ Radiator, after assembly at the factory, is submerged in a paint tank filled with zinc-rich primer. This process coats every surface, inside and out, of the radiator fins, copper tubing and internal steel. This prevents moisture, and urine-based corrosion, and therefore, maintains high BTU output and minimizes maintenance problems.
  6. Click Here to Download Specification, Mounting Instructions and more.
    Factory Tested/Leak Free
    The Model I is tested at the factory and is guaranteed to be leak-free when it is installed on the job.
  7. Permanent Pipe Covers
    In a wall-to-wall installation, pipe covers are mounted to the radiator to cover external pipes and valves. These pipe covers are heavy-gauge steel and are ribbed to provide extra strength. Covers are mounted to 3/16” carbon steel bars that are permanently welded to the radiator. The use of force will not dislodge this cover.
  8. Variety of Sizes
    A variety of lengths and heights from 11” to 26” in height, and 11” to 111’ in length are available.
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