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Model A front outlet and Model B top outlet radiators

Shaw-Perkins has devoted itself to the manufacturing of heating equipment with the major objective being to provide maximum heating comfort through proper room heat-distribution. This objective has been achieved by providing the building industry with room heat-distribution equipment, properly designed to meet architectural and engineering standards.

The appearance of today's PanelVector is a mark of quality - of proper design. Its continued success is based on the simple fact that it is the best of its kind.

Two Models One "Proper Design" - Simply The Best

The superior quality of the Shaw PanelVector has led architects and engineers to specify this equipment in some of the most difficult heating situations imaginable. In jails, college dormitories, public recreation facilities - any heating situation that demands equipment that can take punishment and still perform efficiently - Shaw PanelVectors provide the answer.

The all-radiant heat and the all-convection heater fall short of delivering total comfort. An effective combination of both necessary. This is the basis of Shaw PanelVector.

The natural convection process is supplemented by simultaneous radiation action of the panel itself, which reflects warm heat rays from its surface. No fans, dampers or other high maintenance accessories are needed.

Proper design makes PanelVectors great

Proper design is attained through realism, proved sound by application and time. It is a goal which any manufacturer may strive to reach.

The attainment of proper design involves the utilization of all pertinent information relating to a given subject, including a knowledge of natural laws. This knowledge, when reduced to an operational pattern though unerring application, becomes design. When the operational pattern is tested through use, and proved over period of time to be incapable of improvement on the basis of man's present knowledge, it becomes a standard of achievement worthy of the identification - proper design.

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Shaw-Perkins firmly believe there can be only one proper design for any given product, and offers a record of more then 50 years of continued product acceptance as proof that Shaw PanelVectors are properly designed.

Installations of Shaw PanelVectors are apparent everywhere today. The quantity utilized may be large or small depending on the ultimate purpose of the building and its particular heating requirements. In all instances, persons specifying Shaw PanelVectors have recognized their value and unchallenged ability to function maintenance-free for periods exceeding building life.


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