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Perkins AlRadiators®
Properly designed for commercial and industrial heating

Perkins AlRadiator® - properly designed for the primary purpose of providing suitable heat distribution within areas where the use of radiation is considered good practice. Its initial design offered the industry an excitingly new concept in indoor area heat-distribution equipment.

Creation of a comfortable thermal environment is dependent upon the distribution of a proper quantity and ratio of radiant and convected heat in a given area without noise, dirt, hot blasts, or cold drafts. The condition is further complicated by the fact that buildings are continually gaining and losing heat from hour to hour, day to day, season to season. Therefore, heat distribution equipment must be able to adjust for these differences. To do so, such equipment must be properly designed to meet modern architectural requirements and possess the ability to transfer the required BTU's supplied by any heating medium into an exact engineered ratio of combined radiant and convected heat.

In addition, heat-distribution equipment should be compact, safe versatile, and virtually maintenance free. It should be factory assembled into a one-piece unit to assure simplified stocking and low-cost installation. Further, heat-distribution equipment should possess certain self-cleaning characteristics and provide no place for collection of dust or dirt that will seriously impair it's heating qualities.

Perkins AlRadiators® create comfortable indoor thermal environment through proper distribution of radiant and convected heat without noise, dirt, hot blasts or cold drafts. Consult the following pages of this catalog to learn how Perkins AlRadiators can effectively solve your individual heat-distribution problems.

Design Advantages

Why more engineers choose Perkins AlRadiators

  • Flexibility - can be wall mounted or ceiling hung as situation dictates.
  • Even heat-distribution in exact combinations of radiant and convected heat.
  • Reversible placement so that tapping locations fit readily to existing piping or permit economical layout of new piping.
  • Will not interfere with plant traffic - save valuable wall space for placement of cabinets, selves and machinery.
  • Safe, maintenance-free heating - utilizes no motors, fans or other moving parts that can wear out or cause explosions in areas of hazardous atmospheres.
  • One-piece construction for quick, simplified installation.
  • Lifetime operation with rigid integral steel and copper construction.

Why Perkins AlRadiators merit particular consideration

  1. Maintain constant uniform temperatures by delivering an engineered ratio of radiant and convected heat.
    Perkins AlRadiators create more heated air movement than any other type of radiation. High volumes of circulated heated air and mild radiant rays maintain uniform temperatures within enclosed areas of normal proportions. Low surface temperatures eliminate overheated zones.
  2. Function effectively as ceiling or wall mounted units.
    Design, construction, and method of heat-distribution permits the Perkins AlRadiator to be either wall or ceiling mounted in accordance with building's needs. See pages 8-11 for details on ceiling hung Perkins AlRadiators.
  3. Operate with maximum safety on either hot water or steam systems.
    Perkins AlRadiator construction is suitable for either hot water or steam systems to 150 psi without the slightest alteration. All units are pretested under 3750 psi prior to shipment. Exterior surfaces are rounded for full protection against possible cuts, bruises, and torn clothing. Low surface temperatures prevent accidental self-burning.
  4. Easily installed with minimum manpower.
    Self-contained, one-piece Perkins construction permits quick, low-cost installation even by inexperienced personnel. This ease of installation contrasts sharply with the difficulties encountered in making up and installing non-standard assemblies of fin tubing or bare pipe.
  5. Click Here to Download Specification, Mounting Instructions and more.
    Deliver a lifetime of clean heat distribution with minimum maintenance.
    Perkins AlRadiators utilize no motors, fans or other moving parts that require regular lubrication, mechanical or electrical maintenance. Wide fin placement prevents the accumulation of shop dirt or the circulation of dust. Periodic cleaning eliminated.
  6. Available to suit varied needs.
    Perkins AlRadiators are manufactured in standard heights and lengths, each of varying capacities, to fully meet any heat-distribution requirement and provide maximum heating comfort. A complete range of standard sizes enables users to stock AlRadiators for installation at their convenience.
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